We are a fast-growing, high profile consulting company with a strong drive to collaborate and persistent dedication to seeing results. Our project portfolio can act as proof to our promise.



Many companies in this industry have succumbed to the seemingly impermeable boundaries that have been created over time and that are now, quite outdated. Smaller companies in this industry are specialized, and stick to what they know. Larger organizations have all the skills in-house, but lack in coordination, efficiency, quality and commitment.

At Tjuren, we do things differently. We do it faster. We do it better. And we do it together.

We believe in a linear, focused team-building. We see ourselves as an elite task force that’s a part of something much bigger. Each role is clearly defined but our commitment is united as we stay connected on projects and work together towards our goals as a whole. We create efficient and focused teams while continuing to keep an eye on the bigger picture. We work together and don’t stop until we’ve reached peak performance, exceeded promised results, and optimized the highest possible value for each and every one of our customers.


To us, it’s all about cooperation and creating value.
Right now, we are organized in 7 competitive areas:


Construction management

With our extensive experience in design, calculation, and construction, we can offer our customers anything from subcontracting to turnkey contracts. From idea to finished project, we work continuously to design and create buildings with high security.



We provide installation services for all stages of the construction process such as plumbing, electricity, automation and control. From preliminary studies and program documentation to as-built documents, we deliver on all steps of the process. Creating quality and functional environments for people to live and work, and increasing value for our customers are our main objectives. 



We have competence in LEED certification meaning energy use, recycled and proprietary materials, design innovation, building location, and access to public transport and services are just some of the things we are always considering. This certification also guarantees the best quality for indoor environments as well.  A sustainable way of working is one of most important pillars in our foundation.



We offer expert advice on capital markets and transactions in addition to leasing and tenant representation. We also perform analysis and valuation in most areas of the real estate sector. We do all of this while ensuring that all projects are as cost-effective as possible. 



There is no project too small or too large in our minds. Our staff includes junior and senior project managers, as well as project directors for large complex construction projects. We offer services in every field of the business, like property acquisition, rental calculations, property development and property management. Through competent employees, good communication and clear visions, we always meet budgets and stay on schedule. 



We identify, analyze and ensure the right value for each property, property portfolio or development project. We take responsibility for the entire transformation, from beginning to end. Whether it’s an early acquisition stage or refinement of existing properties, we have well-functioning solutions to meet customers needs. With specialized technical knowledge and real estate economics, our proven methodology and structured approach gives us an overall view of strategic and financial considerations. Our end goal is to always optimize solutions for the best results for each customer’s needs.



We offer a full-service portfolio in the field of workplace services. Whether it’s designing a workplace strategy, finding the right office, or negotiations, we make sure the entire project is on schedule and within budget. We assist in all types of negotiations such as rental cost and conditions, facility management contracts and internal services. Our extensive experience in strategic planning and office sourcing facilitates the whole process along the way.




Niklas Haglund
Interim CEO, Founder & Partner

Niklas is a co-founder and owner of Tjuren AB. He has more than 10 years of management experience, project management and negotiations.

Niklas is purposeful and driven and excels at building organizations. He thrives in fast-paced, varied and dynamic environments. Niklas is more of a generalist than a specialist, which means he can tackle many different issues regardless of procurement, contract management, real estate valuation, or corporate governance.


Bengt-Erik Brorsson
CFO & Partner

Bengt-Erik, together with Niklas is a co-owner of Tjuren AB. He is the company's CFO and head of the department for engineering and installation design services.

He has previous experience from a number of leading positions in the construction and real estate industries. For many years he worked for Sweco where he reached a position as Regional Manager for Stockholm/Uppsala before being headhunted to become CEO of Teknoplan.

Bengt-Erik performs surveys, status inventory, calculations, ÄTA regulations, MAGP, technical DD´s, LEED certifications, BIM, energy investigations, tenant adaptations, and project planning from programme to as-built documents.


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